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  • Booking conditions

    Article 1

    This contract is only guest houses’s stays certified by a departmental branch of the Federation Nationale des Gîtes de France. In any circumstances, the Federation Nationales des Gîtes de France will take responsability if this current contract is used by a third-party or in non-touristic cases.

    The best welcome will be provided to our guest. The owner will assume to welcome the holidaymaker with the best caution desired to ease their stay and the knowledge of the region.

    Article 2

    Length of stay: The client signing this contract for a specified period can not ask for the right to stay longer than booked.

    Article 3

    Contract conclusion: The reservation is effective once the client will have sent to the owner a deposit of 25% of the total amount (with at least one night for each room chosen) and the contract signed before the date incated. The client keep the second copy of the contract. The indicated price is all fees included excepted tourist tax.

    Article 4

    Cancellation by the client: Each cancellation must be notified by letter, telecopy or telegram sent to the owner.

    a) Cancellation before arrival: if the cancellation is maked more than 24h before the arrival, the owner keep the deposit. If the cancellation is maked less than 24h befre the arrival, the owner keep the deposit and can ask for the balance for the purchase price.

    b) The client has to manifest himself before 7pm the arrival day, if not the contract is declared as void and the owner can use its rooms. The deposit is for the owner and he can ask for the balance of the purchase price.

    c) In case of a stay shorter than expected, the initial price is owed to the owner. Additional services non used will be repaid.

    Article 5

    Cancellation by the owner: When before the stay, the owner cancel it, he has to inform the client by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or telegram. The client, without any prejudgment of action in reparation for eventual damages suffered, will be repaid immediatly. He will receive an indmenity at least equal to the penality he would have paid if the cancellation was from him to this date.

    Article 6

    Arrival: The client must arrive the day and the hour precised in the contract. In case of a late or deferred arrival, the client must prevent the owner.

    Article 7

    Payment of the balance: The balance has to be paid when the client arrive at the owner guest house. Aditionnal services unmarked on the contract will be paid at the end of the stay.

    Article 8

    Tourist tax: The tourist tax is local tax that the client has to pay to the owner. The owner will reverse next to the Tax Office.

    Article 9

    Using the place: The client will have to respect the peacefull character of the house. He has to give back the room in the same condition as he found it.

    Article 10

    Capabality: This contract is established for a specific number of persons. If the number is more than expected, the owner can refuse the aditionnal persons. The refusal can not be considered as a contract modification or as a breack of contract coming from the owner. If more than the refused persons are leaving, no repaid will be done.

    Article 11

    Pets: This contract specify if the client can (or not) bring pets in the guest house. If this term is not respected, the owner can refuse the pets. The refusal can not be considered as a contract modification or as a breack of contract coming from the owner. If more than the refused persons are leaving, no repaid will be done.

    Article 12

    Dispute: All claim about the state of place must be delivered to the departmental branch of Gîtes de France in the three days after the beginning of the stay. All other claim about a stay must be sent by letter in the best delays to the departmental branch of the Gîtes de France, to issue a proposition for an amicable agreement. If the disagreement is still persistent, the disputes can be sent to the Qualité branch of the Fédération Nationale des Gîtes de France who will try to find an amicable agreement. These arrangements are not prejudging of the possible legal actions intented by the owner or the client.